Nccu Financial Aid Email (2024)

1. Scholarships and Student Aid | North Carolina Central University

  • Financial Assistance · 2023–2024 SSA Forms and... · 2024-2025 FAFSA Changes

  • 2024-2025 FAFSA Changes

2. Scholarships and Student Aid (SSA) - North Carolina Central University

  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to service. For more information contact the Cheatham-White Scholarship Office at 919-530-6520 or email:

  • North Carolina Central University

3. Financial Aid

4. Tuition, Cost & Aid - North Carolina Central University -

  • Financial Aid: visit page. Financial Aid Email: Aid & Grants. 0. 100. 72%. Need Met. Students Receiving Gift Aid Percent of undergraduate students ...

  • Average tuition for North Carolina Central University is $14732. Calculate your personal net cost including the true cost of attendance, room, board and fees with Appily\’s detailed financial metrics.

5. Staff Directory - North Carolina Central University Athletics

  • ... Email: NCCU Athletics Ticket Office Phone: (919) 530-6530. Staff Directory Members By Category/Department. Name, Title, Email Address, Phone ...

  • The official staff directory for the North Carolina Central University Eagles

Staff Directory - North Carolina Central University Athletics

6. NCCU Financial Aid Queries - CollegeVine

  • 16 mrt 2024 · By phone: You can call the NCCU Financial Aid Office at (919) 530-6180 during their office hours. This is a great option if you want immediate ...

  • Hey there! Reaching out to NCCU's financial aid office is definitely a great idea to get more information about the financial assistance they offer. The best way to contact them is: 1. By phone: You can call the NCCU Financial Aid Office at (919) 530-6180 during their office hours. This is a great option if you want immediate answers to your questions or need to discuss personal financial circ*mstances. 2. Visit their website: NCCU's Financial Aid Office also has a webpage with helpful information and resources. Check out their website ( to find general information about the types of aid they offer, application processes, and deadlines. This is a great starting point to research scholarships, grants, work-study programs, and loans available at NCCU. Finally, don't forget to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible, as it is often required for many financial aid opportunities, both at NCCU and other institutions. The sooner you complete your FAFSA, the better your chances are of receiving financial aid. You can also consider applying for external scholarships, if after your conversations with the NCCU financial aid team you're concerned their package might not be sufficient. Good luck with your search, and hope you find the assistance you need!

7. North Carolina Central University - -

  • Admissions. Office e-mail. Office phone. (919) 530-6932 ... Students determined to have financial need who received any financial aid ...


8. Searchable DB of ALA accredited programs - LIS Listing

  • Email: Phone: (919) 530-5184. Financial Aid. Contact: Sharon Oliver Email: None provided. Phone: (919) 530-5313. Distance education ...

  • NORTH CAROLINA CENTRAL UNIVERSITY   (Continued accreditation) Degree program(s) accredited by the American Library Association Master of Library Science (Next Review: 2024)

9. Special Student Application - Counselor Education Program ...

  • Once you have submitted your application, email Dr. Peggy Whiting ( and inform her that you would like to take some counselor education ...

  • The Counselor Education Program at North Carolina Central University is a division of the Department of Allied Professions within the School of Education. The program has three CACREP-accredited programs: Career Counseling, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and School Counseling.

10. Where Can I Find Financial Aid/E-Bill Information? - TeamDynamix

  • 14 aug 2020 · Click Login to myEOL · Select Banner SSB · Select Student tab · Select View E-BILL · Select NCCU ACCOUNT SUITE · Select Make Payment.

  • This is geared at providing useful information regarding Financial Aid and E-Bill information.

Where Can I Find Financial Aid/E-Bill Information? - TeamDynamix

11. North Carolina Central University Football Scholarships Guide - NCSA

  • Academic Requirements. Academic ... Financial Aid. Financial Aid Toll Free Number:N/A. Financial Aid Phone:N/A. Financial Aid Email:N/A.

  • Get information on the North Carolina Central University Football program and athletic scholarship opportunities in the NCSA student athlete portal.

Nccu Financial Aid Email (2024)


Nccu Financial Aid Email? ›

Contact Scholarships and Student Aid at ssa@nccu. edu or 919-530-6180.

How do I contact NCCU about financial aid? ›

Contact the NCCU Office of Scholarships and Student Aid at 919-530-6335 for additional information. The Virginia General Assembly allocates a set amount of available aid each year. This aid is for one academic year only.

How do you email a college about financial aid? ›

Find a specific contact at the financial aid office to direct your letter to, rather than a generic “Dear Sir or Madam” A clear “ask” and a specific “why.” Ask the office to reconsider, then offer a clear-cut reason why you need more aid money. Details of any special circ*mstances.

How do I email NCCU student accounts? ›

Contact Student Accounting

The mailing address is NCCU, P.O. Box 19713, Durham, NC 27707. The office is located in the Shepard Administration Building, room 14, on the second floor. The telephone number is 919-530-5071, and the fax number is 919- 530-7960. The email address is

How do I email ECC financial aid? ›

Explore financial aid opportunities at ECC

If you are not eligible for a grant and need a student loan, please email We can answer questions about your financial aid, and we will contact you directly.

How do I email financial aid NC State? ›

Email us at: if you have any questions.

How do I contact the financial aid office for North Carolina A&T? ›

Please check with your specific department for instructions on applying to those. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at 336-334-7973 or

How to ask for financial aid email? ›

What to Say in a Financial Aid Appeal Letter
  1. #1: Address the director of the financial aid office by name. ...
  2. #2: Be polite! ...
  3. #3: Get straight to the point. ...
  4. #4: Provide appropriate documentation. ...
  5. #5: Be specific about how much you are asking for. ...
  6. #6: Ask what the next steps are in the appeals process.
Dec 27, 2023

Who do we contact if we have problems with FAFSA? ›

You can submit a complaint (about an issue, suspicious activity, or scam) or review an already-submitted case. If your complaint isn't resolved, reach out to the Ombudsman Group by logging in, adding information to your existing case, and requesting to escalate to the Ombudsman Group.

How do I send FAFSA by mail? ›

Log in at to apply online. Complete a FAFSA PDF (note: you must print out and mail the FAFSA PDF for processing) Request a print-out of the FAFSA PDF by calling us at 1-800-433-3243; then fill out the form and mail it for processing.

How do I email the Registrar of Nccu? ›

Second, please complete, sign, and submit this form to the Office of the Registrar by fax (919- 530-7974) or by e-mail (

Does NCCU have dorms? ›

Accommodations are available in apartment-style, suite-style and traditional residence halls.

What is the mail room number for Nccu? ›

If your department or office has an oversized package or a large volume of individual pieces, the Mail Center needs to know of it in advance so special arrangements can be made. Call the Mail Center Manager at 919-530‐7261.

How do I email college for more financial aid? ›

Your letter should be honest and concise and should focus on why you need more financial aid. You'll submit your financial aid appeal letter alongside any documents that might support your case. If your appeal is approved, the school will generate a new financial aid package and send you their new offer.

How do I access my ECC email? ›

Accessing your ECC email account
  1. Find the link to ECC Email under the Log In dropdown button in the upper-right corner of the header.
  2. You will see a Microsoft Sign in box. Students: Using the User ID you created for MyECC, add it to ...
  3. Enter the password that you created for your account.

How long does it take for financial aid to send you a check? ›

Once you have submitted all verification items there is a 2 to 4-week review process. Once your Financial Aid account has been reviewed and awarded, then it will take 7 to 10 days for the funds to be delivered to the student.

What percentage of students receive financial aid at NCCu? ›

Financial aid helps make college affordable, and over 85% of NC Central students receive financial assistance.

Does FAFSA have a live chat? ›

The office of Federal Student Aid also offers customer service assistance through live chat, phone, and email.

Does financial aid cover summer classes in NCCu? ›

Summer School Financial Aid

Classes must appear in Banner. It is best to enter all classes at the same time. Registered students will be automatically awarded. Awards will be based on the registered session(s) (Summer I, II, or I and II) at the time the summer school award is processed.

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