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The smart access control solutions of Bosch enable building owners, tenants and visitors to ‘go with the flow’. Our integrated technology creates a seamless experience which offers a high level of accessibility and security.

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Your choice for cutting-edge technology, open access and high security

Investing in the right access control technology is central to the protection of people and assets. While property owners naturally want their facility or business premises to be as open and welcoming as possible – as well as making it easy for staff and visitors to move around the building – you need to ensure maximum protection against unauthorized intruders. This combination of requirements asks for cutting-edge technology, open access and high security and that is precisely what Bosch access control solutions offer you.

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5 reasons why to choose a Bosch access control system

  1. Best-in-class, most reliable access control solution available
  2. Future-proof investment, renowned manufacturer
  3. Powerful hardware and software combination, Bosch-own development (in Europe)
  4. Based on the latest encryption standards
  5. Application advice and technical support from experts worldwide

Integrated access control solution

Access management is the process of granting authorized users the right to enter certain buildings, areas and rooms, while preventing access to non-authorized users. Sounds simple, but today’s market also wants access management systems that are able to integrate with other security domains like video surveillance and intrusion alarm systems. What better way to integrate, then to choose a manufacturer who supplies these crucial systems as a one-stop supplier. Bosch has all the security and safety systems you need in-house and naturally they fit seamlessly together. And next to that, we can connect to many third-party systems thanks to the open API protocol.

Read more about our third-party integrations

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Invented for life

At Bosch we want our products to spark enthusiasm, improve quality of life and help conserve natural resources. We have more than 40 years of experience in access control solutions and produce at the highest quality requirements. We have all the needed certifications and continuously work on improving the products and delivering state-of-the-art access control technology. Bosch highly invests in research & development, with R&D centers specialized in access control located in Germany and Portugal. All software is developed in Europe and is based on the latest encryption standards.

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Our solutions

Access Control Systems & Solutions (6)

Access Control Software

Our access control software is a future-proof access management system for medium-sized to large-sized applications. It is easy to use, operate and expand. In addition, it is extremely stable, offering best-in-class reliability, security and several features found only in high-end security solutions.

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Access Control Hardware

As a one-stop supplier of integrated access control solutions, we address customer needs with an outstanding product portfolio that covers all requirements and offers many options in access control panels, door controllers, keypads, card readers, touchless readers, biometric readers, key cards, key fobs, access cards, etc.

Download our access control portfolio brochure

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Biometric Access Control Solutions

Biometric technologies use a person’s unique physical traits – such as their fingerprint, face, palm veins and iris – for identification and verification. The technology is becoming more popular because it delivers a higher level of accuracy, security and efficiency. Also, to protect against the spread of viruses, many contactless methods of biometric authentication are possible. Our access control system can work with a broad range of biometric readers and facial recognition software from third-party suppliers.

Learn more about our biometric access solutions

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Mobile Access

Mobile credentials and mobile access control offer a modern and extremely smooth access experience by managing access credentials via our browser-based tools like Visitor Management. Employees, visitors, guests or service providers receive access rights remotely on their smartphone or mobile device, thus simplifying the process for both user and administrator.

Learn more about Mobile Access

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Visitor Management

Effective visitor management helps an associate focus on meeting and greeting visitors who enter the reception area of any enterprise or public building. The software enhances building security, protects facilities and employees and improves users' and visitors' overall experience.

Learn more about Visitor Management

Keeping your data safe

Bosch applies the highest standards with regard to data security and privacy protection (GDPR compliant). To protect against cyber crime and the loss of personal data, all communication is encrypted at all stages. Our access control software has trusted digital certificates for mutual authentication between server and client and uses secure design principles such as ‘secure by default’ and ‘principle of least privilege’. Your data is safe with the industry-leading Bosch products.

Download whitepaper ‘Building Truly Secure Access Control Systems'

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Expert service & support

We can support your business with application advice and specialized technical support. Our international network of integration and product experts is available for all your questions and challenges. For instance, when you need advice on integrating different systems, what components you should consider and what is the most cost-effective solution for your project.

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Interactive PortfolioDownload our Access Control Systems interactive portfolio
Product OverviewDownload our Access Control Systems portfolio brochure

Contact our specialists

If you would like to find out more, or want to know how we can help you with your access control needs, please do not hesitate to contact our sales representative.

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Tom Mechler
Regional Product Marketing Manager


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You can buy our access control products from special dealers and distributors, or become a direct customer from a certain value upwards. You can find the addresses of our dealers with the Bosch dealer locator.

We can provide you with a free demo license, please contact us!

Yes, we have a very elaborate training portal which offers you free online trainings. Next to that, we offer classroom trainings that go more into depth.

Physical access is a term in security that refers to the ability of people to physically gain access. Therefore, our access control system is indeed a physical access control system.

There are many options available for access authentication. They can be categorized in three different categories, being: something you possess (card, key fob), something you know (pin code) or who you are (biometrical data). Another development is authentication via your smartphone.

The more secure method of authentication is to have the system ask for two or more types of credentials – referred to as ‘two-factor authentication’, or ‘multi-factor authentication’. This could mean the combination of for instance a pin code and access card, or an access card in combination with fingerprint recognition. This reduces the chance of unauthorized access or tempering with access rights.

We have a variety of readers matching different requirements, you can find our offering in the product catalog.

Since biometric characteristics cannot be spoofed or stolen, biometric systems present a superior level of security than usual means of authentication.

We have a customer pilot running for mobile access control. If you are interested to participate in this pilot, please contact us via

Role-based access control (RBAC) defines access privileges based on a person's role within an organization, like 'employee', 'visitor' or 'VIP'. Our access control systems also use this model.

Anti-passback means that you cannot pass the card back to another person, i.e. you cannot use the same card twice. In our access control software you can configure how anti-passback is applied.

From the host to the controller, the communication encryption is AES256. From the controller to the readers, optional OSDPv2 Secure Reader encryption is used. The encryption to the access cards depends on the chosen card technology.

Our access control system is very scalable: it is easy to add more hardware like readers and controllers at any point in time. In conjunction with this, you can also expand it by software licenses for a larger number of cards, entrances and workstations.

It depends on how outdated your access control system is and what your current requirements are. We can discuss your individual case if you contact us.

You can contact our tech support team via e-mail. Please check this document to find the right e-mail address for your region.

If you buy the yearly Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA), it will cover all future security updates as well as new functionalities.

As long as you have a valid Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA), you will receive support for your system.

Our access control system can be integrated with several other systems like video management systems, intrusion alarm systems, biometric authentication systems, etc.

An open API, also called public API, stands for Application Programming Interface and means that standards are provided for developers about how software programs communicate with each other. With an open API, developers have to write less code to make different software programs work together seamlessly. Our access control software supports open API.

Yes, we can offer advice on third-party integrations. Contact us!

You can find the certifications in the technical product information, i.e. data sheets, which you can all find in our online product catalog.

Compliance can also be a driver for companies to use access control. Having a reliable access control system facilitates the records and audit trailing in a GDPR-compliant way.

Every Bosch access controller has 8 inputs and 8 outputs on board, and every controller can have one 16-input and 16-output extension.

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Access Control Systems & Solutions (2024)
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