9 Best Thrift Stores in Dallas for Texas-Size Secondhand Savings (2024)

Joy Mcconnochie

Looking for the best thrift stores in Dallas?

You aren’t a-lone (star).

Fortunately, everything’s bigger in Texas—and this goes for their impressive range of secondhand steals, too.

The cultural hub has a bustling thrift store presence, with everything from vintage apparel and everyday essentials, to high-end homewares and one-of-a-kind Southwest jewelry pieces.

Holster up with our arsenal of thrift shopping tips and you’ll be slipping on gently-used cowboy boots and a Stetson in no time.

The Full List Of The Best Thrift Stores In Dallas, Texas

  • Dolly Python
  • Lula B’s
  • Clothes Circuit
  • Texas Thrift
  • Out of the Closet
  • EV’s Thrift Store
  • Uptown Cheapskate
  • White Rock Center Of Hope Thrift Store
  • Second Chance Treasures

1. Dolly Python

9 Best Thrift Stores in Dallas for Texas-Size Secondhand Savings (1)

About Dolly Python Vintage Thrift Store Dallas

Price Range: $$–$$$

Dolly Python Vintage is 100% as unique as its name. Located in Oak Cliff’s Bishop Arts District, you can expect to find distinct cowboy hats, cowboy boots, combat boots, artwork, fun tees, kitschy accessories, jewelry from every decade, vintage vinyl, rock memorabilia, and so much more.

Selling goods sourced from more than 30 different antique dealers and consignors, you’re sure to find something that suits your hobbies, fulfills your quirky fashion needs with clothing from the 1940s to the 1980s, or brings back childhood nostalgia.

Maybe you’re a collector on the hunt for something super rare, like a life-size Betty Boop statue. Maybe you need a pleated floral dress for next Scarborough Renaissance Festival. There’s no telling what crazy things you’ll squeeze from Dolly Python’s shelves.

Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Tarot readings are available to the public.

Location: Old East Dallas | Kidd Springs

2. Lula B’s

9 Best Thrift Stores in Dallas for Texas-Size Secondhand Savings (2)

About Lula B’s Vintage Thrift Store in Dallas

Price Range: $–$$$

Does “cool stuff for cool people” sound like your bag?

Obviously, a rhetorical question! Lula B’s Antique Mall is one of the most unique second hand shops anywhere. For more than 15 years, a talented group of stylists have come together to curate their own little spaces, not only giving the shop a variety of perspectives but also offering something special for everyone.

This includes vintage apparel and accessories, artwork, cowboy boots, jewelry, homewares, musical instruments, books and magazines, and more.

Whether you need a beautiful blue seude sofa (to go with your shoes) in like-new condition, a giant straw accent basket, or just need something cute and kitschy to dress up your existing furniture, you’re sure to find in their range of antique typewriters, lamps, and figurines (we especially partial to the little brass armadillo we spotted there!).

Location:Kessler | Stemmons Corridor

3. Clothes Circuit

9 Best Thrift Stores in Dallas for Texas-Size Secondhand Savings (3)

About Clothes Circuit Consignment Shop Dallas

Price Range: $$–$$$$

Clothes Circuit is one of the most well-loved boutiques for high-end fashion without the highhigh price tag. The iconic luxury consignment shop has been the destination for fashion-loving women for over 35 years.

Acorss a huge range of clothing, footwear, handbags, and other accessories, more than 600 brands have been featured in-store, including Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Free People, and Louis Vuitton.

You can even find items perfect for your Texas pride, like a pair of Miron Crosby blue leather cowboy boots and LA DoubleJ western print matching pantset to go with them.

Location: University Park

4. Texas Thrift

9 Best Thrift Stores in Dallas for Texas-Size Secondhand Savings (4)

About Texas Thrift Stores Dallas

Price Range: $–$$$

Texas Thrift is the parent company behind City Thrift and Music City Thrift, a franchise of second hand stores in Dallas, and other cities (joining the plethora of Nashville thrift stores; Orlando thrift stores and the neighbouring thrift stores San Antoniohas to offer).

Helping people #ShiftToThrift, thousands of new items are sent to the floor every day. These include furniture, accessories, clothes, household items, and more.From near indestructible Carhartt coats to withstand your toughest ranch work, to fun and flirty red summer dresses, they suit all senses of style and occasions.

Texas Thrift, City Thrift and Music City Thrift give millions of products a second life every year by keeping them out of landfills.Items not sold are sent to developing countries to provide micro-businesses with products they can use.

Location: Irving | Garland

5. Out Of The Closet

9 Best Thrift Stores in Dallas for Texas-Size Secondhand Savings (5)

About Out of the Closet Dallas Second Hand Store

Price Range: $–$$

Benefiting the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, you can visit Out of the Closet in many big cities around the US, not just Dallas.

With a sizable selection of on-trend clothing, furniture, books, and kitchen or household items on offer, 96¢ of every dollar goes to HIV patients, homeless care, and free HIV testing and pharmacy delivery.

If you’re short on time but wondering what to do with old clothes, you can schedule a large donation pick up, too.

Location:Oak Lawn

6. EV’s Thrift

9 Best Thrift Stores in Dallas for Texas-Size Secondhand Savings (6)

About EV’s Thrift Store Dallas

Price Range: $–$$

EV’s Thrift is much more than your average thrift store. It’s like if you combined every garage and estate sale into the area all into one conveniently located permanent location.

Sure, you can find the typical appliances, clothing, furniture, and bric-a-brac, but their inventory also includes things you’d likely never expect. Bikes, lawnmowers, bouncy castles, treadmills…there is quite literally no limit to what you might discover at EV’s.They’ve been known to have the one-off use vehicle for sale, like 1961 Ford Econoline Van that, with a little (okay a lot) of work could fulfill your future van life dreams.

They even sell multiple flavors of wood for BBQ cooking, and owner Ken has been grilling things up for the needy and homeless in the neighborhood for years. Now, he even cooks for customers. Just bring your own meat and he’ll take care of the BBQing while you take care of the browsing.

EV’s offer junk removal services as well—which explains their massive, eclectic inventory.

Location: Old East Dallas

7. Uptown Cheapskate

9 Best Thrift Stores in Dallas for Texas-Size Secondhand Savings (7)

About Uptown Cheapskate Dallas Thrift Stores

Price Range: $–$$$

Uptown Cheapskate will help you dress to impress without contributing to fast fashion waste.

They buy and sell top-brand names, like Zara, Doc Martens, H&M, Coach, Levi’s, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, and more.From fuzzy white jackets and floral tube tops to color-popping high-top Nike sneakers, Uptown Cheapskate will help practically anyone dress at an uptown level on a cheapskate’s budget.

If you sell through UC, you can opt for 25% more than the cash value of the garment if you choose store credit instead.

The sister-brother-founded brand has more than 80 locations in 23 states and they’ve partnered with buildOn to use a portion of biannual sales to construct new schools in the developing world.So far, they’ve built 15+ schools in Burkina Faso, Haiti, Mali, Malawi, Nepal, Nicaragua, and Senegal.During two yearly Charity Fill-A-Bag Sales, customers pay $20 to fill a bag, with all proceeds going to buildOn. They also donate 5¢ for every customer who doesn’t take a plastic bag.

Location: Multiple

8. White Rock Center Of Hope Thrift Store

9 Best Thrift Stores in Dallas for Texas-Size Secondhand Savings (8)

About White Rock Center of Hope Thrift Store Dallas

Price Range: $–$$

If you’re in the market for uncommon items, we’d suggest you stop by White Rock Center of Hope.

With all the usual gently-used and new upscale clothes and event pieces like elegant prom dresses, shoes, jewelry, accessories, furniture, and household items, they also stock a moving feast of eco-friendly wedding invitations and wedding and party dresses, fabric and craft supplies, antiques, China and silver, and more.

The shop generates around $35,000 every month, with every dollar supporting White Rock’s mission and various services for the underprivileged: a food pantry, clothing closet, financial assistance, and school supplies donations.

Available:White Rock

9. Second Chance Treasures

9 Best Thrift Stores in Dallas for Texas-Size Secondhand Savings (9)

About Second Chance Treasures Dallas

Price Range: $–$$$

Second Chance Treasures is the only DFW thrift store exclusively benefiting homeless pets.All proceeds go to organizations like East Lake Pet Orphanage.

They resell anything—literally, from rags and scrap metal, to beautiful antiques, fine China, and pottery with some seriously funky handpainted designs—which results in a continuously-changing range of hard-to-find collectables and eccentric pieces.

They accept donations of clothing, small appliances, and household appliances, which can be dropped off at the shop or a local veterinary hospital.

Location:White Rock

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9 Best Thrift Stores in Dallas for Texas-Size Secondhand Savings (2024)
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